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Lashonda Simon “Shon”

Fashion Line Coach

Behind every strong brand and team is an even stronger WOMAN. Women have been leading in entrepreneurship and making their presence known. THIS WOMAN, in particular, has made a mark in the beauty and fashion industry. From being a Celebrity Makeup Artist, to launching her own clothing line to now owning the largest black owned fashion manufactures in the US. DTLA Production Co., INC is Based in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Ca. This inspiring, talented, and above all GOD-FEARING woman has been helping women pursue their dreams in the fashion and beauty industry for over 15 years. Shon Simon and her business partner, Samson Aghedo and team service over 100 brands IN KVER 7 different countries. DTLA production Co., Inc Is a global force to be reckon with, So please allow me to introduce,Shon Micheaux-Simon owner of DTLA Production Co., INC