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Dr. Pam Ross

Divorce Coach

Pam Ross is an Inspirational Activist with a powerful ability to identify and activate the genius in others. She is a multiplier that has led hundreds of teams and thousands of individuals to dramatically increase their personal leadership and team-building ability.

Pam is the founder, president, and lead trainer of KLD, Inc. a non-profit leadership training, development, and consulting organization. She has partnered with faith-based, educational, civic and corporate clients internationally to implement desired change. Through her business,

Pam uses all forms of media to reach a global audience with her dynamic message of serving, leading and loving. As a certified coach, she mentors women in leadership roles to redefine success and achieve their goals.

Pam is the Chief of Staff and Director of Leadership Development at the global headquarters of All Nations W.A., a non-profit organization committed to holistically developing world changers. Located in Chicago’s south shore, All Nations W.A. is a rapidly growing movement currently in ten locations and counting.


Pam has over twenty years of experience in leadership development, team building and community engagement. As a Membership Specialist with the Girl Scout organization, she received multiple national awards for increasing membership and advancing programming.

Due to her success with the Girl Scout organization, she was selected to the board of directors for Gary, Indiana‘s Centennial, where she coordinated the city-wide volunteer effort for centennial events.

Pam has successfully raised three amazingly talented and intellectual daughters, Imani, Nia, and Zoe. In her spare time, she has compiled her lifelong lessons of leadership and purposeful living into her first four books:

● Serving, Leading and Loving

● Serving, Leading and Loving Personal Development Guide

● The Force of JOY: Building an Unstoppable You

● 30 Days of Joyful Meditation.