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Brittney Hall

Wellness Coach

Brittney Hall, co-owner of Hall Strategies LLC, is a self-described “Engineering Yogi,” and graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) with a B.S. Degree in Industrial Engineering (IE), minoring in Mathematics. She also earned an MBA from UTA with a concentration in Management. She joined the Potters House with her family in 1997 and became an active member, graduating from both the Junior and Core Debutante Programs.  Her loving and supportive husband of 6 years, Tyler Hall, is also a Potters House member. She continues to volunteer in her community with the Debutante Program, Woman to Woman Ministries, Destiny World Children’s Ministries, TORI (Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative), T.D. Jakes Enterprise, MegaFest, L.A.C.E (Ladies for Art, Culture & Education), the GEMS STEM Camp.

She is currently employed at the largest healthcare system in Dallas, Tx as a Management Engineer where she is able to utilize her degree as an IE to optimize processes, labor management, and productivity within the healthcare system.  Outside of her corporate career, she is a certified yoga instructor (RYT500) who teaches in the community, offers online fitness courses, and also teaches regularly at a local Dallas yoga studio (Gaia Flow Yoga).


She is able to use yoga as a gateway to discuss STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) careers within the healthcare industry to young people.  She also speaks to all age groups about connecting passion and skill with purpose as your gifts are insight into your purpose. As an Industrial Engineer, she stresses the importance of body posture in relation to ergonomics / human factors and how daily exercise is essential to maintaining your overall health.  Her career and hobby allow her to support the entire healthcare spectrum from proactive wellness in the area of yoga, to early detection and more acute patient care where she is able to utilize her skills as an Industrial Engineer, and then to patient rehabilitation, where many look to yoga as a natural way of healing.

She is a health and wellness advocate who believes that yoga not only benefits the body, but also the mind and spirit! She teaches that the mind is the software and the body is the hardware and that God intends for us to maintain both.  As a Christian, she knows that God is the only authentic path to true wellness, and yoga allows us to follow His teachings of honoring our temple while quieting our minds and learning to meditate and focus on Him.

She teaches all levels of healing and restoration yoga in forms of cardio, meditative, gentle, and restorative yoga flows, with many of her classes having a pilates-based feel.  She has also spoken at various seminars where she teaches attendees about the importance of proactive wellness, and gives insight into how her STEM career in healthcare guided her on her wellness journey. She is truly honored to be able to impact the health and wellness industry as a certified yoga instructor as well as a healthcare Management Engineer.