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Aimee Stauth

Weight Loss Coach

Aimee Stauth is a fitness coach at Orangetheory Fitness in Colorado and is a certified John Maxwell Team Speaker and Coach. She has a passion for helping women, especially moms, find their fit amidst busy schedules and the conquering of their own goals and dreams.

In 2007, Aimee discovered a love and passion for doing and instructing Tae Bo. She worked with Billy Blanks for many years and even appeared in his 2010 DVDs including Tae Bo® Ripped Extreme, Tae Bo® Bootcamp Cardio Inferno, and This is Tae Bo®. Her journey continued to Orangetheory Fitness where she is currently a coach. Helping others, discover a heart for fitness, has become a passion. Aimee discovered that physical training of the body can be translated to developing mental strength; all people can conquer any goal they put their minds to.

Aimee’s purpose in life is to help women harness their God-given power within and to know his love for them. In addition, she seeks to help women discover a self-love so that they can, in turn, better love others and be the world-changers they truly can be!